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Fingerprinting Services

Need fingerprint sets for an employment background check or other purpose? We offer a fast and painless system at our store. 
Standard 2 card set - $20
Passport Style Photo - $5
Fingerprint sets are free with purchase of a silencer or other class 3/ NFA item from the store.

      We offer fingerprinting on the standard FBI FD-258 cards for NFA sales, jobs/employment background checks, school system background checks, out of state handgun carry permits, armed guard security background checks, and other uses. 

     At your request, we can save these prints on our offline encrypted system for re-printing up to two years from the initial printing. 


     Fingerprinting is done electronically, so there's no messy ink involved. This also means we can do tough to read fingerprints as many times as we need to get a good set of prints.

     At Tennessee Silencer, we do thousands of fingerprints a year for the sale of NFA items, We know what we are doing, and have made the process as quick and painless for our customers as possible. 

Get a Quote

For further information on our fingerprinting services, drop by the store or call us at (865)-603-4214. 

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