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Located in the foothills of the Smokies, just minutes from Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Knoxville, Tennessee Silencer is THE place to rent machine guns in East Tennessee. We currently have 26 machine guns, 2 .50 calibers, 2 military hummers and a flamethrower (weather permitting). We are adding new models all the time. Our rental fee includes ammo and range time. You can bring your own eye and ear protection or buy a set from us for $3. Our machine guns are available for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and other special events. Shooters must be 16 years or older. All shooters under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Prices are generally per magazine or belt of `ammo. Check out our list below or the videos section to see some of what we have to offer. 

For groups over 8, we recommend you call ahead the day before. While it is not required, it allows us to have everything prepared for you upon arrival. We do not take reservations for weeks or months ahead of time, unless you want to pre-pay or you have a very large group. If you prepay, we will set ammo aside for your party ahead of time. 

Current pricing        $3 for a set of Ear and Eye Protection
  1. US M16A1 (vietname era): $38 per 30 rd mag

  2. US M4 Carbine (modern): $38 per 30 rd mag

  3. US Ruger AC556 (Full Auto Mini-14): $24 per 20 rd mag

  4. US Barrett M82A1 50 CAL: $30 per shot

  5. US Browning M1919A4: $140 per 50 rd belt (out of service for repair)

  6. US Browning M2HB "MA DEUCE" .50 Cal: $170 per 10 rd belt, $300 for 20 round belt. (20 rounds on a MA DEUCE is life changing! Bucket list gun.)

  7. US M249 SAW: $105 per 50 rd belt

  8. US M240 Bravo: $135 for 50 rd belt

  9. AK47  $38 per 30 rd mag

  10. Russian RPK $40 per 30 rd mag

  11. Russian RPD Belt Fed: $79 for 50 rd belt

  12. Russian DP28: $89 for 40 rd mag

  13. Russian/Polish PPS43: $35 per 30 rd mag

  14. Czech CZ Scorpion VZ61: $32 per 20 rd

  15. Israeli Uzi: $33 per 30 rd mag

  16. Israeli Galil: $38 per 30 rd magazine

  17. Finnish Suomi M31: $39 per 36rd, $78 per 71rd drum

  18. FNH P90: $80 per 30 rds

  19. German HK MP5: $33 per 30 rd mag

  20. German HK MP5K:  $35 per 30 rd mag

  21. German HK33 5.56 30rd:  $38 per mag 

  22. German HK G3   308:   $35 per 20rd mag (out of service for repair)

  23. German MG34: $90 per 50 rd belt (out of service for repair)

  24. British Sten MK II:   $24 per 20 rd mag 

  25. British Sten MK V:  $24 per 20 rd mag (out of service for repair)

  26. British Sterling MK IV:   $37 per 34 rd mag

  27. British Bren Gun .303 British: $75 for 30 rd mag (No ammo available as of 3-15-24)

  28. 66mm Soda Can Mortar (launches soda can 100+ yards): $12 per can, 5 cans minimum

  29. Flamethrower, yes we have a real flamethrower (weather permitting): $25 per tank (30 seconds of trigger time, lifetime of happiness)

  30. 40mm Grenade Launcher m203: $30 for chalk round

We can also handle large groups or Come to your range

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