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The Omega 36M is a two-piece modular design with a fully welded rear core and a fully welded front module. The core construction consists of Cobalt 6 and Inconel which provides extreme wear resistance under high heat and heavy fire. The titanium outer tube combined with the lock-ring prevents tube loosening and reduces weight. The 36M has a 1.57” outside diameter. The 36M is finished with a black Cerakote for a heightened level of durability.


The Omega 36M ships with the Charlie ASR mount. This model is compatible with all SilencerCo Charlie style mounting systems. The updated Charlie front cap allows for tool-less removal and the rear Charlie mounting system provides better mount to suppressor retention. By swapping the ASR mount, the 36M can also be adapted to 3-Lug, pistol booster, or direct thread mounting options. We keep all these accessories in stock at Tennessee Silencer and can help customers determine the best mounting option for their firearm.


The Omega 36M is a highly versatile, multi-caliber suppressor that is rated up to .338 LPM & 350 Legend. It is rated down to 10” barrels for .223 REM/5.56 NATO, 16” barrels for .308 WIN/7.62 NATO, and 20” barrels for .300 WM and 18″ barrels for .338 LM.


It ships with a Charlie ASR Mount, Charlie 9mm Front Cap, (1) Charlie Basic Tool, (1) Charlie Multitool, and manual.

Omega 36M by SilencerCo

    • Weight: 9.2 – 16.6 oz depending on configuration
    • Diameter: 1.57"
    • Caliber: 5.56 NATO to .338 Lapua Magnum & 9mm
    • Full Auto Rated
    • .223/5.56 - 10" or longer
    • 308/7.62 - 16" or longer
    • 300 WM - 20" or longer
    • .338 LM - 18" or longer
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