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Available in both raw MIL finish and Black Cerakote, the DDC Enticer cans come with a removable end cap which is compatible with Dead Air end caps.

Enticer cans also come threaded with 1-3/8"x24.  What does 1-3/8x24 thread mean for you?  This thread allows you to run a wide variety of mounts such as: Direct thread adapters, Q Plan B/Cherry Bomb, Keymo and Rearden Atlas.


Titanium Enticer cans are not Full Auto rated.  With that being said, titanium versions can handle 50 rounds 556 rapid fire / full auto before needing a cool down period.


The Enticer L-Ti currently sits as one of the quietest 7.62 silencers on the market. This is a great choice for hunters and precision shooters alike who want top notch suppression in a lightweight package. 

Enticer L-Ti by Diligent Defense

    • 556 - 10.5"
    • 308 - 14.5"
    • 300BLK supers - 7"
    • 300BLK subs - 5"
    • 300WM - 20"
    • 300RUM - 24"
    • Caliber: 7.62 NATO/ 300BK / 300WM or any caliber smaller
    • Diameter: 1-5/8 (1.625”)
    • Weight: 10.5oz with included mount
    • Overall Length: 8-1/4"
    • Material: 100% CNC machined 6-4 titanium laser welded
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