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The Hybrid Silencer is relatively new for 2016, and since its release the Hybrid has become one of our best selling products overnight, particularly for first time silencer buyers because it can serve dual roles as a pistol silencer or large bore rifle silencer. With the included piston assembly you simply purchase the piston that matches your guns thread type and you have a 45, 40, 9mm, etc pistol can. Put the included 5/8x24 thread mount in and you have a great 30 cal silencer. Lots of other mounts are available for use on different calibers up to .45-70 Government or even quick attach using the ASR system. Also we've noted almost no back-pressure on .223 ar-15s, probably because with the thread-on mount this thing has a HUGE blast baffle chamber. Drawbacks are it's a little wider and heavier than most pistol silencers, so raised sights might be needed on some pistols.

Hybrid DTM by Silencerco

    • Length: 7.8”
    • Diameter: 1.565”
    • Weight: 13.8oz (with direct thread mount)
    • Thread: Direct Thread or ASRQD Mount (many, many options)
    • Take apart: No
    • Calibers: 9mm – .45-70 GOV
    • Full Auto Rated: Yes
    • Magnum Rated: Yes Up to .338 Lapua Magnum with 18” Barrel or Longer
    • Finish: Grey Cerakote
    • Muzzle Average dB:125.7 (9mm), 130.4 (.45 ACP), 123.7 (.300 BLK), 138.3 (.458 SOCOM), 140.6 (.45-70 GOV)
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