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Currently available in both FDE and Black, the OCM5 is an improved version of the legendary ops inc 12th model and AEM5 while staying true to the aesthetics and mounting system. The OCM5 is a lighter, quieter, but still full auto rated version of the OPS INC/AEM5 contract silencer. The OCM5 is THE can to buy for your cloner MK12 or Gordon Carbine needs. 


Everything that the ops inc 12th model and AEM5 will mount on, so will the OCM5. All of your legacy OPS/AE brakes and collars will still work, everything is completely interchangeable.

-Tennessee Silencer also stocks the OCL OTB Mount and can install it for a $10 gunsmithing fee if you do not currently have a compatible mount for the OCM5.

OCM5 by Otter Creek Labs

    • Length: 8.8”
    • Overall Diameter: 1.5”
    • Weight: 16.02 oz (by comparison - AEM5 weight 21 oz)
    • Full Auto Rated
    • No shorter than 10.3 inch barrel when using the Otter Creek Labs PTB mount
    • No shorter than 11.5 inch barrel when using the Otter Creek Labs OTB mount
    • When using the Otter Creek Labs OTB mount on barrels under 12.5 inches we recommend using a more conservative full auto firing schedule
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