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The Omega 9k is an extremely short and extremely versatile 9mm caliber pistol silencer. It really shines as a 9mm or 300 BLK PDW suppressor like a MPX, Scorpion or MP5. Its short, wide shape means it doesn't add much barrel length but just like the omega rifle suppressor it is packed full of baffles allowing it to get the suppression of a much larger silencer. But the Omega 9k comes ready to accept handgun pistons and even comes with a 300 blackout threaded barrel adapter. It is even rated for 300 blackout supersonic. Uses octane accessories so 3-lug and almost all imaginable mounting systems are available. We've been selling these for a while at the store, but they haven't made it to the website until now because we kept selling them on backorder before they could get here.

Omega 9K by Silencerco

    • Length: 4.7"
    • Diameter: 1.475″
    • Weight: 8.8oz
    • Thread: 5/8x24 fixed adaptor for 300BLK, no piston included for handgun use. Uses all octane accessories so tons of thread types available including 3-lug
    • Take apart: No
    • Calibers: 9mm and 300BLK
    • Full Auto Rated: Yes
    • Magnum Rated: No
    • Materials: Stainless Steel
    • Muzzle Average dB:
      9mm: 131.5 dB.300 BLK: 133.7 dB
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