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The Omega is an extremely short and extremely versatile 30 caliber rifle silencer. The Omega 300 has recently been re-packaged into the DTM version. The Omega 300 DTM now ships with just a 5/8x24 Universal Hub direct thread mount. The silencer is still compatible with the same ASR quick detach mount that you know and love, but you now have the choice to choose your own mounting system outside of that for a greatly reduced price!

Omega 300 DTM by Silencerco

    • Length: 7”
    • Diameter: 1.56”
    • Weight: 14.0 oz
    • Thread: 5/8x24 
    • Take apart: Partially Take Apart
    • Calibers: 5.7mm to .300 WM
    • Full Auto Rated: Yes
    • Magnum Rated: Yes
    • Titanium, Stellite, Stainless Steel
    • Muzzle Average dB:
      119.5 (.300 BLK), 130.1 (5.56 NATO), 133.9 (.308 WIN)
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