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The Primal is our .45 caliber “Rifle Centric” yet multi-purpose silencer. Although It is optimized for rifle calibers like .458 Socom, 45-70, 450 Bushmaster, etc. it can accept our SD500 booster assembly making it usable as a handgun silencer, making it the most versatile model in our line-up. It can use direct thread, KeyMo, Xeno, 3-lug, or SD500 (Nielson Device) and it can eat anything from high pressure magnum calibers like .338 Lapua, all the way down to your light duty pistol calibers. Think of it like a crescent wrench. If you could only have one wrench in your whole toolbox, this is it.


So, whether you are looking for a great solution for your .458 or 45-750, or just needing a “do-all” option while you start filling your toolbox with more dedicated models, the Primal has you covered!

Primal by Dead Air

    • Rating: .458 caliber with energies up to .338 Lapua
    • Length: 7.9"
    • Weight: 16.5 oz.
    • Diameter: 1.618"
    • Material: 1.618"
    • Finish: Nitride thread insertHigh temp Cerakote silencer
    • Mount: Ships with 5/8-24 insert and HUB to P-Series adapter
    • Barrel Length Restrictions: None
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