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The Recce 5 (MOD 4) is the compact 5.56mm little brother to the Recce 7. It is one of the lightest most durable, accurate, and high performance 5.56mm suppressors on the market. The Recce 5, weighs only 14.5 ounces on it's own and a mere 16.3 ounces as a suppressor system with the Taper Mount EZ Brake. The included Taper Mount ensures minimal and repeatable point of impact shift with only minor weight gain. To increase performance for military users a high efficiency low profile flash suppressor was integrated into the front of the suppressor. This feature reduces flash, providing minimal signature for the user in low light environments. 


The Recce 5 is CNC machined, and TIG fusion welded for maximum thermal transfer and unparalleled strength and durability. Every component in the Recce 5 is manufactured from solid billets of strong, heat treated, high temperature corrosion resistant 17-4ph Stainless Steel. The Recce 5 suppressor has a precision bore ensuring maximum accuracy, as well as minimum, consistent, and repeatable POI shift. A Taper Mount EZ Brake is included making the Recce 5 a good value and a turn key suppressor system.

Recce 5 by Griffin Armament

    • Diameter: 1.47"
    • Weight: 14.5 ounces
    • Thread: 1/2x28 Taper Mount Included
    • Full Auto Rated: Yes 
    • Finish: High temp Cerakote
    • DB Attenuation: 5.56 (35 DB)
    • Calibers: 5.56
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