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Most people's first impression of the Salvo 12 looking at it on the shelf at our store is, "damn that thing must be heavy" But, surprisingly, it really isn't. Remember that silencers are hollow critters with air in them. The Salvo 12 uses a series of rods to keep the wad of 12 gauge shells from opening up in the silencer. It has no tube, instead it uses a series of segments held together with long bolts. Smaller size bolts and rods are sold separately allowing you to have a shorter, lighter silencer when desired. Save your hearing, and your DOGS hearing with the Salvo 12.

Salvo 12 By Silencer Co.

    • Length: 12.00"
    • Diameter: 2.21"x2.96"
    • Weight: 34.5 oz
    • Thread:
    • Take Apart: Yes
    • Calibers: 12 GA
    • Color: Black
    • Finish: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
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