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Offered in both black and FDE, the RC2 556 is optimized for any 5.56 mm/.223-caliber weapon system. With a minimum barrel length of 10 inches, the SOCOM556-RC2 showcases our USSOCOM contract-winning know-how in cutting-edge suppressor design. It incorporates the latest in manufacturing techniques and materials to produce the most exceptional tool of its kind. You can count on it to deliver the utmost accuracy because we test every single SOCOM suppressor to ensure 100% repeatable sub-MOA impact shift and group size along with tremendous sound, flash, and dust signature reduction. Precision-built of advanced high-temp Inconel alloys and stainless steel, and CNC laser-welded for uncompromising durability, the RC2 can stand up to the harshest conditions while helping to maintain the reliability of the host weapon thanks to unique internal baffling that reduces backpressure. 

Surefire SOCOM556 RC2

    • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
    • Full Auto Rated 
    • Diameter: 1.5" 
    • Length: Standard Configuration: 6.4"
    • Weight: Standard Configuration: 17 oz
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